our story

We are mother and daughter…cosmetic chemists, artists at heart, entrepreneurs, women who love trying new lotions and potions to discover how they affect our own hair and skin. We have formulated groundbreaking hair, scalp and skin care products for some of the most renowned beauty companies in the world. As part of our process, we talked with hundreds of creative hair stylists and asked thousands of women to define the hair care products of their dreams. They had five requirements:

  1. High-performing, scientifically-sound formulas
  2. Packed with natural, effective ingredients
  3. Products that benefit and work for all hair types and textures
  4. Elegant formulas that are easy to use, understand and mix
  5. All at an affordable price

Armed with that intel—plus our decades of experience—we went to work in our lab. We started with the most effective active ingredients. We considered style trends and styling challenges. After testing and retesting, we had the powerful formulas that give both hair stylists and consumers the luxurious, salon-quality hair care products they’ve been waiting for—at a price they can afford.

We named our new line CUE®—Chemistry Uniquely Expressed—because we are artists at heart, with backgrounds rooted in science. We believe that creativity and innovation are at the root of all artistic compositions and can be found in the most unexpected places. You might say that innovative chemistry and artistic creativity are music to our ears.

And now, it’s your turn! We invite you to style to your own beat—on CUE®.