Q: Where are your products made?
All of our products are made in the USA

Q: Is CUE® safe for color treated hair?
Yes, CUE products are safe for those with color treated hair. 

Q: Is CUE® safe for keratin-treated hair?
Yes, CUE products are safe for keratin-treated hair with the exception of Sound Sea Spray. This salt based product is not recommended for those with keratin treated tresses. 

Q: Do you test your products on animals?
We do not test our products on animals. 

Q: What are the fragrances in the line?

Crossbeat™ Volumizing Duet | Tahitian Lime & Lychee

Backbeat™ Daily Duet | Champagne Pear

Hyperbeat™ Hydrating Duet | Ginger Crème Biscuit

Card™ Detangling Spray | Sparkling Green Tea

Kinetic™ Volumizing Spray | Blackberry Musk

Sound™ Sea Spray | Juniper Mist

Riff™ Styling Cream | Chamomile Lavender Milk

Codetta™ Pliable Pomade | Herbal Tea

Staccato™ Styling Clay | Chamomile Lavender Milk

Libre™ Silicone Free Serum | Tahitian Lime & Lychee

Arioso™ Light Gloss Polish | Candied Winter Apple

Q: Are starter packages available for salons that want to try CUE products?
We have a few options for salons to bring on the CUE product line. Please reach out to your distributor for more information or contact us at: 844.TALKCUE | 844.825.5283