Pilates Style - March 2016 Issue

"For the past decade, this trendy superfood has made its way from health-food stores to supermarkets and restaurants. Now, it's showing up in beauty products like CUE Kinetic Volumizing Spray, which penetrates hair and makes it more resistant to damage. For maximum volume, spritz the gluten-free formula on damp hair and then blow dry ($16 for 5 fluid ounces;"

The Berry - "15 Fall Beauty Swaps You Should Start Making Now"

“With seasonal transitions come changes to hair and scalp,” Aimee Sowu cosmetic chemist at CUE Hair Products. “Often in the fall, the scalp produces less oil, leading to a dryer hair and scalp.” Cooler weather is the best time to “opt for gel based shampoos and creamier conditioners.” Try a line with ingredients like protein-rich quinoa, chia oil, and a variety of other hair-hydrating goodies perfect for this time year.

Modern Salon OnlineCUE (Chemistry Uniquely Expressed) Hair Care

"Developed by Mabel Covey and Aimee Sowu, a mother and daughter who are both working cosmetic chemists, CUE (Chemistry Uniquely Expressed) hair care products are based on science but inspired by indie arts.

After developing and fine-tuning products in their own R&D lab for top global beauty companies, and talking to hundreds of hairstylists and thousands of women, they decided to create their own product line.

CUE Hair Care features 14 products with NutriCUE Complex at its heart. NutriCUE Complex is the company’s signature blend of quinoa, camelina and chia oils, which ensures healthy hair."

Beauty Launchpad Magazine - October 2016

"Pitch Perfect. Cue the music! CUE (Chemistry Uniquely Expressed, is a new, value-priced line of haircare products that combines natural and effective ingredients with top-notch innovation. Conceived by mother-daughter team Mabel Covey and Aimee Sowu, both of whom are working cosmetic chemists, the line comprises 14 products that are imbued with trademarked NutriCUE Complex, a signature blend of strengthening quinoa, elasticity-building camelina and moisturizing chia oils."